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Claire Ramsey

I read them, Jim, even if I don't usually comment.


I've been blogging since 2002 and initially the feedback was fun, but in the end, I realized it's *my* diary. When I forget stuff or dates of events, I know I can look it up, and especially after having a kid, my blog is the best gift for my current and future self. I love going back to old posts, and reliving those moments. But having an audience, even if pretend, is my forcing function. I know my parents and close friends will want some updates so that makes me blog. Most importantly, have fun!!

Mark Simmons

I didn't even read this.

Account Deleted

This sounds like a good set of goals. (and believe it or not, posting on a regular basis tends to draw more readers, or so I've been told.)


Thats a real issue. It's true publishing once a week is better to increase audience. But, same way as you, I find it rather difficult on the long run...

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