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David Jacobs

I agree. It also could have been called simply "the MacBook," since that model is barely alive.

sara girlscantell

i completely agree, except i think they didn't call it powerbook because they already made a gizmo called powerbook? (iBook would have been worlds better!)

Joe Adonis

Switch the "a" in iPad to "o". See...clever.

Chris Basey

I think that there's an exciting future ahead with the introduction of slates, tables, whatever you want to call them. The iPad for me is a giant bowl of 'meh' - I feels more restrictive and the I don't see the boundless possibilities you do. A crippled OS forces certain UX and UI constraints and limits the ability to push boundaries. I think gen 3 will be great and this clearly plants the flag in the ground for tricorders. It will no doubt be successful, but I'm more interested in the HP slate than this giant iPhone

Jim Ramsey

@Chris -- My problem with the HP Slate (at least as I understand it) is that it runs on Windows 7. I think the crippled UI in the iPad is what makes it so interesting because it's much more consumer-oriented than OS X. I hope that people who feel overwhelmed by Windows or OS X (like my mom) will be able to use the iPad and so designers and developers will have to create apps that are that much more intuitive and easy-to-use.

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