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Xris Ernest Hall

Going to miss you a lot, Jim! I'm very glad we got to work together on MT and TypePad Motion.

daisy barringer

I feel like favoriting this might send the wrong message, so I will just say thank you for everything and you're so amazing at what you do. Good luck!!


Jim, you've been an incredible individual to work with and we will definitely miss you! Good luck in your future endeavors and keep in touch!


It has been great to work with you Jim. Best of luck!


You will be missed. Good luck, and come back to visit!


Jim, you will be missed from Tokyo. We have just got started to "steal" your works to our sister TypePad Japan service. Good luck!

Taichi Kaminogoya

JIm, I'm in complete awe of you and your works. Good luck for your next adventure!!

Byrne Reese

Jim - I am sad to hear you are leaving, but am excited by the possibility to work with you again outside of Six Apart.

Michael Sippey

Jim - thanks for all your great work at Six Apart!


Jim, thank you for your outstanding contributions to Six Apart. TypePad simply wouldn't be where it is without you. It's been a real joy to work with you and I wish you the very best for the future!

Alex Deve

Already missing you!


i had no idea! jim & ginevra - all my favorite people are leaving!

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