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Hi, Jim. Great style, I'm using it for my MT 4 blog. But I have a question I hope you can address. On the banner header, is it possible to write other things on the banner other than just the blog title?


This is a great template. I am just moving one of my blogs to Movable Type on it's own domain. I do not like Word Press but it has been a really long time since I used Movable Type. Still hunting and pecking to find anything but I did get the install done yesterday. I have downloaded the zip for your template and hope to get it working after the busy weekend. Thanksgiving here today. Thanks for a great design. I was going to miss my old one from Blogger but now I can work with this. :)


Hey Jim, I'm having some issues with Mid Century commenting on my blog. Comments produce a duplication of the entire post rather than just the new comment. My templates are unaltered from the download. I tried a fresh blog and it works fine. I detailed what's happening on the new MT forums here:


Can you help me sort out what's happening?

(BTW - I looked for a contact link and didn't find one.)


Waiting for some news about Mid Century, I wish you a merry xmas!


Hi Jim
I'm using the new MT 4.23 Pro pack and template. Just beautiful news for an old MT user like me (coming from older 2.x versions).
But, hey! I don't understand why "Recent Entries" don't work. In three pages, I've three different results. In a fresh installation! Isn't it sounding strange?
Where I can post this question?

The MT Forum is giving 500 Internal Server Error since 28 December.


Hi Jim

thanks for you theme.

but how to make comments Displaying Hierarchically Threaded Comments?


thanks for your help


To Mirror some earlier comments, thank you for your great template set.

The gallery has a bug when clicked to fast it shows multiple images. Also the image title dialogue has a very disturbing flicker to it. I have managed to solve a few of these bugs at my blog http://www.alohatechsupport.net/webdesignmaui/ but am just wondering if there is a way to have a similar gallery type feature for individual entries.

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