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No Faizal you're not the only one, me too - and seems like "annie" has a similar problem (except I have the nested-loading page problem in IE/FireFox/Chrome).

Definitely seems like an ajax issue, the POST to mt-comments.cgi responds with a redirect back to the original page/entry which then loads and messes things up. I'll do some more debugging shortly.

Jim Ramsey

I'm sorry I haven't been more responsive to comments, but I've been buried lately.

Annie said:

"An update: solved the problem I had with comments returning the "no
text" error. I found that I had a different charset in the html header
than is in the comment java script."

She said that worked for IE, but FF was still giving her problems. I hope that helps.


don't apologise, we appreciate any/all your help :)

I had a closer look, comparing your blog behaviour to mine, and found the issue (but not how to resolve it).

When your comments form does a POST to mt-comments.cgi, only the comments are returned which updates the div as expected. On my blog, instead of returning only the new comments, mt-comments.cgi returns a 302 redirect to the original entry page, which then (re)loads into the comments div and messes everything up. No idea yet why mine behaves differently.


Aha - got it :-) You need to enable the MT setting:

Preferences --> Comment --> Use Comment Confirmation Page

(on by default for new MT4 blogs, but always been off for me and others it seems).

D Hewson

Fantastic templates but is there any possibility they might be extended to the community blogs and forums too? I want to do an integrated community and forum site and was surprised to see there really is only one template for both.

Faizal Heesyam

oh man thank god... i always turn that off, so the only solution now is to turn it on?

whatever it is, now ill just 'hide' that preview button.. hehe! thanks Ewan!

Ryan Douthit

Ran into an incompatibility with this theme and the AJAX Star Rating system from MT-Hacks. Granted, I didn't get into the plumbing of it, but fact is that with it's components enabled in the HTML Head the comment system breaks (returns results in plain text, and the widget fails to pull data). Comment them out, and the theme's comments work just fine.

Just a head's up for those that plan on using Mid Century with the AJAX Rating.


Hi all! About "no text error":
It's becouse blog and comment script (mt-comments.cgi) place at diffent servers.
I create symbolic link to movable type directory from blog directory and use this path to comment script.
It Work!

Ryan Douthit

I posted this issue on the MT site, but I guess here would be more appropriate...


Building out a new site using Mid-Century as a base, and I'm having an issue with the AJAX comments "breaking" when I try to run other, rather common, AJAX components -- such as Lightbox 2 (important) and MT-Hacks' Ajax Comments (not so important). I've tried different orders in the HTML head, but either the comments post to an unformatted comment page (as opposed to inserting above the comment box like they're supposed to) or it breaks the aforementioned components in similar fashion. This is confirmed by commenting out each item and checking them individually.

You can see it here:

(site in development still)

Any suggestions? FWIW I'm using Movable Type Pro version 4.21-en with: Community Pack 1.6, Professional Pack 1.2

Ryan Douthit

Here's the section that Firebug is pulling up as being in error:

$(document).ready is not a function
(?)()begi-s-m...-kit.html (line 368)
[Break on this error] $(document).ready(function(){

I assume it's related, but don't know for certain.

Ryan Douthit

Found part of the problem: Lightbox 2 has an issue with some of the components herein. I changed out to Thickbox and both comments and the lightbox effects work.

Lightbox 2 had another issue of "breaking" IE7 for some reason. It would crash the browser when used along with this theme on MT. Normally, Lightbox 2 doesn't have these type of issues. The issue was particularly hard to find because the effects worked fine on FF on both Mac an PC as well as Opera.


Oddly I haven't had problems having the comment confirmation page setting to off. Turning it on is what breaks things for me...


There are two small conflicts with AJAX Ratings comment ratings and the mid-century template set:

1) An ajax library conflict, but a very minor one, and a very simple fix. In the "comments" module, look a line that reads:


and replace it with:


Notice that the line has 2 changes: 1) using "jQuery" instead of "$"
at the start, and 2) adding "$" near the end as shown. This tweak does not affect the functionality of comment form at all, it simply avoids the conflict (which relates to prototype's use of the $ symbol)

2) A CSS issue in which the mid-century CSS had img tags appearing in the byline to display: none. The effect was that the voting image
would not appear. This can be overridden with the following declaration (It's in the ajaxrating.css file referenced in the above url, but your put in anywhere after the initial styles.css reference):

.comment .byline img {
display: inline;

See http://mt-hacks.com/wba/2008/11/test-entry.html

for an example of the two working together or if that's eventually changed to a differnt them, see http://2008.weblogawards.org/nominations/best-blog/


Ajax comments working?

Jeroen Sangers

Using a symbolic link kind of defeats the need for different server names.

I run several blogs from a single MT installation, each with their own domain name.

As in the MT configuration file I have to specify a single CGIPath, all blogs share the same path. So though I could solve the issue it for one blog by creating a symlink, all other blogs will still have the problem.

Is there any solution for preventing this cross-site scripting error?

Barbie Oyunları

I've been blogging about different ways to change it, so maybe I'll try to address these things in the next few days.

Tutti BenTen

Thanks for this usefull info guys.

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